Making your special day truly unforgettable

Indulge in the epitome of culinary excellence with our bespoke wedding catering service. We understand that your wedding day reflects your unique story, and our team is dedicated to creating a menu tailored exclusively to your tastes and desires. With our personalized approach and attention to quality, we create an unforgettable dining experience that will be discussed for years to come.

Private Get-Togethers

Delectable Dining with Friends and Family

Whether it's a birthday celebration, anniversary party, or a casual get-together with friends and family, we add a touch of culinary magic to your social events. From delectable canapés and small bites to sumptuous buffets and elegant sit-down dinners, our food creations will make your social event filled with fun. Contact us to learn more.

Office Lunches

Refreshing & Irresistible Lunches!

We understand employees get bored with the same menu options, and keeping everyone happy is a tough job. At Kanteen, we offer a range of menu options, including Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Italian. With our rotating menu options, superior flavors, healthy cooking style, and visually appealing food, your employee will compliment you on your decision. Contact us to learn more to discuss buffet options or individually packed meals.

Corporate Events

Elevate Your Corporate Events

From corporate holiday events, brand launches, and conferences to team-building events, we got you covered. We have expertise and experience in delivering best-in-class service and food experience aligning with your brand and values. Our team will discuss in detail the event needs and provide you with unique menu options. Elevate your corporate events with our outstanding culinary service. Contact us to learn more.


  • "We were thrilled with Kanteen and working with Dinesh for our wedding. We both are foodie and their unique menu and incredible flavors during tasing made it an easy decision for us. Although we did not get to taste many items during the event day, our guests were raving about the food. Working with them was a breeze from the initial tasting to the big day. Highly recommended for a seamless and delectable wedding food experience!"


  • "Kanteen Catering elevated our New Year's party to a new level! Their live stations served the most amazing, fresh, and flavorful appetizers, and their dessert presentation was innovative and beautifully presented. It was a culinary experience that our guests won't stop talking about!"